What events does Speech and Debate offer?

Visit our events page under the tournaments tab!


What time are Speech Meetings?

Meetings are held every Tuesday from 6 to 9 PM at Monta Vista High School.


How do I join?

Using the events page on our website, find an event you think you'll enjoy and simply start practicing with our team during our meetings! To register for tournaments and access member-only practice resources, sign up for an account on our website


How many tournaments does MVSD compete in?

MVSD is planning on attending around 15 tournaments this year. You don't have to attend all of them, but we encourage you to participate in as many as you can!


Do my parents have to judge?

We HIGHLY recommend that parents volunteer, but it is not always a requirement. If your parents are unable to attend a tournament, talk to a captain and we can help you work it out.


How many events can I compete in?

It varies! At most tournaments, you can compete in 2 different events (we call that "double-entering") at most tournaments, but some restrict competitors to competing in just one event.


If I have any other questions, who can I ask?

Feel free to ask anyone on the captain team or email us at montavistasd@gmail.com.


How can I donate? 

Log in to your account and press the donate button on the "My Account" page. We appreciate your contribution!