2018-2019 AWARDS

4th Place
Stanford Invitational
IE Sweepstakes
5th Place
Berkeley Invitational
Overall Sweepstakes





CSU Long Beach Jack Howe Invitational

Udbhav Venkataraman (2nd Place, OPP Finalist)
Angela Chu (3rd Place, OO Finalist)
Navya Rao (6th Place, OO Finalist)
Eesha Moona (POI Semifinalist)

Stephen Stewart Invitational

Aman Desai (1st Place, IX Champion)
Udbhav Venkataraman (1st Place, OPP Champion)
Kai Xiao (1st Place, OO Champion)
Howard Peng (3rd Place, IMP Finalist)
Aaryan Prakash (5th Place, IX Finalist)
Ameya Joshi (5th Place, HI Finalist)
Angela Chu (6th Place, OO Finalist)

CFL IE Novice

Nitya Yerraguntla (1st Place, IMP Champion)
Deetshana Parthipan (1st Place, OO Champion)
Lavi Sundar (2nd Place, IMP Finalist)
Kevin Yang (2nd Place, NX Finalist)
Nathan Wang (3rd Place, NX Finalist)
Elene Pilpani (4th Place, DI Finalist)
Ajit Chamraj & Avi Das (4th Place, DUO Finalist)
Jefferson Le (4th Place, HI Finalist)
Sophia Chen (4th Place, OO Finalist)
Chinmay Dandekar (5th Place, IMP Finalist)
Ananya Rupanagunta (5th Place, IX Finalist)
Ameya Joshi (7th Place, HI Finalist)
Rohun Agrawal (7th Place, IX Finalist)
Adhithi Fernandes (IMP Semifinalist)
Samika Swamy (OO Semifinalist)
Hiranya Sundar (EXPOS Semifinalist)
Atmaja Patil (IMP Semifinalist)
Safwan Mansoor (IMP Semifinalist)
Andy Xu (IMP Semifinalist)
Aashrita Natesan (IMP Semifinalist)
Ritvi Ranka (OO Semifinalist)
Ojas Karnavat (OO Semifinalist)
Joy Liu (NX Semifinalist)

CFL IE Speech 1

Kai Xiao (6th Place, OO Finalist)
Elene Pilpani (DI Semifinalist)
Angela Chu (OO Semifinalist)
Meghana Dhruv (IMP Semifinalist)
Ameya Joshi (HI Semifinalist)
Ajit Chamraj & Avi Das (DUO Semifinalist)
Oishee Misra (OO Semifinalist)
Navya Rao (OO Semifinalist)
Arya Das (OO Semifinalist)

Presentation Panther Novice Invitational

Howard Peng (1st Place, EXT Champion; 2nd Place, IMP Finalist)
Eric Lee (1st Place, IMP Champion)
Mona Nishino (2nd Place, EXPOS Finalist)
Ajit Chamraj (4th Place, HI Finalist)
Yana Padte & Maanvi Kottakota (4th Place, DUO Finalist)
Rachel Chen & Michelle Chen (5th Place, DUO Finalist)
Selena Ding (6th Place, HI Finalist)

CFL IE Speech 2

Howard Peng (1st Place, IMP Champion; 1st Place, IX Champion)
Angela Chu (1st Place, OO Champion)
Elene Pilpani (DI Semifinalist)
Aman Desai (IX Semifinalist)
Sahil Goel (HI Semifinalist)
Navya Rao (OO Semifinalist)
Ojas Karnavat (OO Semifinalist)
Divya Satish (IMP Semifinalist)
Atmaja Patil (IMP Semifinalist)

Dempsey-Cronin SCU Invitational

Angela Chu (1st Place, V OO Champion)
Udbhav Venkataraman (4th Place, V OPP Finalist)
Navya Rao (6th Place, V OO Finalist)
Ivanshi Ahuja (V OI Semifinalist)
Kai Xiao (V OO Semifinalist)
Eric Lee (1st Place, JV IMP Champion)
Alex Way (8th Place, JV OO Finalist)

James Logan MLK Invitational

Divya Satish (IMP Semifinalist)
Roya Ahmadi (IMP Semifinalist; IX Quarterfinalist)
Elene Pilpani (DI Quarterfinalist)
Aashrita Natesan (IMP Quarterfinalist)
Varshini Srikanthan (IMP Quarterfinalist)
Amrita Rajan (OI Quarterfinalist)
Karl Goeltner (OA Quarterfinalist)
Kai Xiao (OO Quarterfinalist)
Angela Chu (OO Quarterfinalist)
Eesha Moona (POI Quarterfinalist)

CFL IE Speech 3

Amrita Rajan (2nd Place, OI Finalist)
Karl Goeltner (5th Place, OO Finalist)
Elene Pilpani (DI Semifinalist)
Oishee Misra (OO Semifinalist)
Roya Ahmadi (IX Semifinalist)
Deetshana Parthipan (OO Semifinalist)
Eric Lee (IMP Semifinalist)
Riya Nilkant (IMP Semifinalist)
Divya Satish (IMP Semifinalist)
Animesh Agrawal (IMP Semifinalist)
Joseph Li (IMP Semifinalist)
Varshini Srikanthan (NX Semifinalist)
Ivanshi Ahuja (OI Semifinalist)

Stanford University Invitational

4th in IE Sweepstakes!
Angela Chu (2nd Place, V OO Finalist)
Divya Satish (2nd Place, V IMP Finalist)
Roya Ahmadi (3rd Place, V IX Finalist)
Anisha Sinha (6th Place, V IMP Finalist)
Meghana Dhruv (8th Place, V SPAR Finalist)
Varshini Srikanthan (V NX Semifinalist)
Kai Xiao (V OO Semifinalist)
Riya Nilkant (V IMP Semifinalist)
Amrita Rajan (V OI Semifinalist)
Eesha Moona (V POI Semifinalist)
Aashrita Natesan (1st Place, JV IMP Champion)
Howard Peng (2nd Place, JV IX Finalist; JV IMP Semifinalist)
Elisa Hsu (3rd Place, JV NX Finalist)
Elene Pilpani (4th Place, JV DI Finalist)
Ajit Chamraj & Avi Das (4th Place, JV DUO Finalist)
Sotiris Kougiouris & Sahil Goel (5th Place, JV DUO Finalist)
Sahil Goel (6th Place, JV HI Finalist)
Hiranya Sundar (7th Place, JV EXPOS Finalist)
Joy Liu (JV NX Semifinalist)
Jefferson Le (JV HI Semifinalist)
Zechen Liu (JV IMP Semifinalist)
Atmaja Patil (JV IMP Quarterfinalist)

Cal UC Berkeley Invitational

5th in Overall Sweepstakes!
Eric Lee (4th Place, IMP Finalist)
Aashrita Natesan (IMP Semifinalist)
Nathan Wang (IMP Semifinalist; EXT Octofinalist)
Kai Xiao (OO Semifinalist)
Angela Chu (OO Quarterfinalist)
Deetshana Parthipan (OO Quarterfinalist)
Divya Satish (IMP Quarterfinalist)
Riya Nilkant (IMP Quarterfinalist)
Anisha Sinha (IMP Quarterfinalist)
Archana Mucharla & Mallika Pallipuram (DUO Quarterfinalist)
Tanish Mendki (HI Quarterfinalist)
Varshini Srikanthan (EXT Octofinalist)
Roya Ahmadi (IMP Octofinalist)
Lavi Sundar (IMP Octofinalist)
Joseph Li (IMP Octofinalist)
Karl Goeltner (OO Octofinalist)
Arya Das (OO Octofinalist)
Alice Zhou (OO Octofinalist)

CFL State Qualifier Tournament

Amrita Rajan (4th Place, OI Qualifier)
Karl Goeltner (7th Place, OO Qualifier)
Aman Desai (7th Place, IX Qualifier)
Divya Satish (Semifinalist, IMP Qualifier)
Eesha Moona (Semifinalist, POI Qualifier)
Udbhav Venkataraman (Semifinalist, OPP Alternate)
Howard Peng (Semifinalist, IX Alternate)
Varshini Srikanthan (Semifinalist, NX Alternate)
Roya Ahmadi (Semifinalist, IX Alternate)

SCU Philathetic Spring Invitational

Anisha Sinha (1st Place, V IMP Champion)
Eric Lee (2nd Place, V IMP Finalist; 4th Place, JV EXT Finalist)
Archana Mucharla & Mallika Pallipuram (2nd Place, V DUO Finalist)
Malavika Eby (8th Place, V OO Finalist)
Hiranya Sundar (V EXPOS Semifinalist)
Aman Desai (V EXT Semifinalist; V IMP Semifinalist)
Aaryan Prakash (V EXT Semifinalist)
Rukmini Banerjee (V IMP Semifinalist)
Niranjan Bhatia (V OO Semifinalist)
Alex Way (1st Place, JV OO Champion)
Ruhi Saripalli (2nd Place, JV DI Finalist)
Lavi Sundar (3rd Place, JV IMP Finalist)
Samika Swamy (3rd Place, JV OO Finalist)
Jefferson Le (6th Place, JV HI Finalist)
Avi Das & Ajit Chamraj (JV DUO Semifinalist)
Ajit Chamraj (JV HI Semifinalist)
Nitya Yerraguntla (JV IMP Semifinalist)

University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions

Angela Chu (OO Quarterfinalist & Qualifier)
Kai Xiao (OO Qualifier)
Navya Rao (OO Qualifier)

CHSSA State Championship Tournament

Amrita Rajan (OI Semifinalist)
Aman Desai (IX Semifinalist)
Eesha Moona (POI Semifinalist)
Karl Goeltner (OO Qualifier)
Divya Satish (IMP Qualifier)