About Us


What is Monta Vista Speech and Debate?

MVSD is a competitive organization focused on helping students express themselves by developing synthesis, argumentative, and public-speaking skills. In its over 47 years as a competitive team, MVSD has helped over 16,000 students grow as people, and it offers its current member-base of over 125 students the opportunity to compete in more than 30 national, state, and local tournaments. But MVSD goes much further than just being a competitive organization — it's a large family. Members attend frequent hangouts, dinners, hikes, and practices that bring people together, not as simple students, but as one large family. We end each Speech and Debate season with a large banquet, hosted to celebrate the hard-work and dedication put forward by members throughout the year.

Competitive Platforms

Any MVSD member can compete in both speech and debate, although most just choose one. Speech offers 3 main event categories: Original (writing, memorizing, and delivering a speech), Spontaneous (thinking of and delivering a speech on the spot), and Interpretation (acting and interpreting a speech or script written by another person). Debate members also have 3 main event categories to choose from: Parliamentary (large group debates), Public Forum (2 v 2), and Lincoln Douglas (1 v 1). Members competing in speech are free to choose multiple events to compete in, but time constraints make it difficult for debators to compete in more than one. Regardless of the events chosen, competitors can be confident that they'll receive the advice and support of the entire team. For more information, please look at the events tab on this website.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is absolutely crucial to the success of our club. In order for our members to be eligible to compete in tournaments, we must provide parent volunteers to help keep the tournament running smoothly and to judge rounds. Parents are also vital for the finances of the club. All revenue for Monta Vista Speech and Debate is earned through voluntary donation, so parent contribution is extremely helpful for keeping our current coaching staff and teaching resources available to all members. If you as a parent are looking for ways to get involved, feel free to donate to our booster form via the donate link on our website or contact us for more information.